Nov 23, 2005 15:30
Taylan Akdoğan, MIT
on Deuteron and neutron form factors at low Q2 using the BLAST

The Bates Large Acceptance Spectrometer Toroid (BLAST) has been used to conduct a program of experiments at MIT-Bates. The spectrometer is designed to study electromagnetic interaction in few-nucleon systems at momentum transfers below 1 GeV/c, by using highly polarized internal H and D gas targets placed in an electron storage ring. Having the abiltity of changing both the electron helicity and the traget polarization in a systematic manner, the symmetric detector design of BLAST allows us to study several reaction channels simultaneously. I will present the latest results from the deuteron data including the charge form factor of the neutron, and the charge, magnetic, and quadrupole form factors of the deuteron from the elastic and quasi-elastic scattering which presents a sensitive test of nucleon models and QCD driven theories.