Jan 4, 2006 15:30
İsmet İ. Kaya, Sabancı University
on Intercarrier Scattering in Two Dimensional Electron Systems

Conductance of traditional electronic devices is due to diffusive transport of charge carriers. As the device dimensions reduced well below the relevant scattering lengths transport becomes ballistic. In such devices many quantum transport phenomena have been observed and studied by Landauer-Büttiker formalism under equilibrium conditions provided by sufficiently low energy excitation. However much less interest have been shown to the transition regime beyond the linear ballistic transport at elevated carrier energies. Unlike linear ballistic or diffusive transport in which all the inelastic scattering mechanisms are either almost completely eliminated or abundant, in that regime single or few intercarrier scattering events dominate the electrical properties. Two dimensional electron gas systems with their peculiar directional scattering properties as well as high electron mobilities provide a perfect laboratory for investigation of such transport phenomena and their novel device applications