January 5, 2011 Thursday 15:30
Alp Sipahigil, Harvard University
Quantum interference of single photons from remote nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond

Abstract:The interference of two identical photons impinging on a beam splitter leads to perfect coalescence where both photons leave through the same output port. This fundamental effect, known as Hong-Ou-Mandel (HOM) interference, has recently drawn attention as a resource for entanglement generation between remote single photon sources. The effect has been previously observed in pairs of atoms and used for entanglement generation between remote trapped ions. Atoms and ions are a natural source of indistinguishable photons, but scaling these systems up still remains as a major challenge. In this experiment, we extend the ideas from natural atoms to nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in diamond, a robust solid-state qubit with potential scalable architectures for quantum networks. We demonstrate HOM interference from remote NV centers separated by two meters, paving the way for entanglement generation between remote solid state qubits. (In collaboration with: E Togan, M Goldman, A Kubanek, Y Chu, N de Leon, AS Zibrov, Mikhail Lukin)