Naresh Dadhich , Inter University Center for Astronomy and Astrohysics, Pune , INDIA
Why Einstein (Had I been born in 1844!)?
In his monumental discoveries, the driving force for Einstein was, I believe, consistency of concept and principle rather than conflict with experiment. In this spirit, I would like to look at the journey from the classical to the relativistic world as a simple and direct exercise first in recognition of universal character of universal entities and then carrying out the universalization. By this process not only the relativistic world follows most naturally but I would like to conjecture that if Einstein were born in 1844 (or had I been born in 1844 and had followed this line of thought as I do now!) it would have in fact been predicted including existence of a wave with universal constant velocity. That would have indeed been not only the greatest but most amazing and remarkable feat of human thought.
Beating further on the same track of principle and concept driven ideas, we ponder over to see beyond Einstein, and ask the questions: in how many dimensions does gravity live, how many basic forces are there in nature and what are the basic building blocks of space-time?