Dec. 24 , Wednesday, at 15:30
Bilge Demirköz, CERN-Fellow
ATLAS Semi-Conductor and Trigger Systems and Potential for New Discoveries

ATLAS is a multi-purpose particle detector for the LHC and will detect proton collisions with a center of mass energy of 14TeV -- a new energy regime where there is great potential for discoveries. In this talk I will concentrate on the Semi-Conductor Tracker (SCT) and the Trigger systems. The SCT, which is composed of 4 layers of silicon strip modules with two sensor layers with 80 microm pitch, is essential for physics channels which require good tracking and vertex resolution. The ATLAS trigger system is based on three levels of event selection that selects physics of interest from an initial bunch crossing rate of 40MHz. The selections in these three levels must provide fast and sufficient rejection to reduce the rate down to 200Hz compatible with offline power and storage capability. I will present the capabilities of both the SCT and the Trigger for cosmics and early data taking and show how we plan to deploy the trigger system for nominal luminosity.