September 30, 2009 Wednesday 15:30
Erhan Yenilmez , Nanomix Inc.
Carbon nanotube probes for nano-scale imaging

Carbon nanotubes have single molecule structure, and yet they can have extremely large aspect ratios. They also offer superior mechanical properties. A research area where these properties are immediately useful is scanning probe microscopy, which relies on the interaction of a sharp tip with the sample surface to map topography and physical properties. We describe the fabrication of carbon nanotubes as nanometer scale probes. When we coat the nanotube probes with magnetic material, we obtain magnetic probes useful for magnetic force microscopy. Features smaller than 20 nanometers on an experimental magnetic recording media are imaged using these probes. We demonstrate that micrometers long metal-coated carbon nanotube probes can image tall structures with an aspect ratio higher than 100, including biological samples. We determine the key parameters of chemical vapor deposition based synthesis of carbon nanotubes. We scale this synthesis to a full wafer of probes and multiple silicon wafer substrates. br>