December 29, 2009 Tuesday 15:30
Carlos Garcia, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, MIT
Magnetic and magnetotransport properties of glass coated microwires and thin films

Glass-coated microwires obtained by a quenching-and-drawing technique (also labelled Taylor-Ulitovsky method) have attracted the attention in the last recent tears regarding their magnetic, magnetoelastic and magnetotransport properties as well as their promising technological applications. These microwires consist of a metallic nucleus covered by a Pyrex-like these new magnetic microwire-shaped materials result to be very adequate materials to investigate fundamental aspects concerning the mechanisms governing their macroscopic magnetic properties. In this talk I will present the most relevant features on the research of magnetic, magnetoelastic and magnetotransport properties of amorphous ferromagnetic glass-coated microwires exhibiting giant magnetoimpedance effect (GMI). GMI application to the sensor industry will be presented together with advantages and disadvantages of their use. In addition, new applications of exchange bias effect in thin films technology will be proposed for GMI sensors applications as a way to reduce energy and simplify the electronic circuit.