May 13 2015 Wednesday 14:00
Selçuk Aktürk, Physics Engineering Department, İstanbul Technical University
Optofluidic Platforms Formed by Femtosecond-Laser Patterning

Abstract: Optofluidics is an emerging field of research and technology, which combines the virtues of microfluidic platforms with optical applications. Fluids circulating in patterned environments may form optical waveguides, sensors or active media, paving the way to perform complicated procedures in a compact volume. We present two main approaches towards preparation of such optofluidic platforms via femtosecond-laser processing. In the first case, surface wettability is modified through laser ablation and freeform liquid waveguides are formed on surface. In the latter, aerogels (with extreme low refractive indices) are prepared to be hydrophobic and then processed to form microfluidic channels. Wave-guiding performances are evaluated in both cases.