October 13, 2010 Wednesday 15:30
İsmail Boztosun, Akdeniz University
Nuclear Physics from a Personal Perspective: From Stable Beams to Exotic Nuclei

In this talk, I will first review the properties of the nuclear reactions between stable nuclei. Then, I will continue with the exotic nuclei since the understanding of the structure and the reactions of exotic nuclei has become one of the fundamental problems of nuclear physics in recent years. The nuclei, which are out of the line of stability because of the excess of one kind of nucleon over the other one, have large RMS values and weak binding energies when compared to stable nuclei. In this respect, research on the adequacy of the nucleon density –obtained for “halo” nuclei by using certain models- for explaining the reactions of these nuclei is of utmost importance. I will underline the failure of the standart reaction models in explaining the reaction observables of such nuclear reactions and introduce a new coupling potential to explain the scattering observables succesfully over a wide energy range for a variety of systems.