March 14, 2012 Wednesday 15:30
Erhan Gülmez, Boğaziçi University
LHC results in 2011: From the CMS Side

Abstract:During 2011, an integrated luminosity of about 5 fb-1 was delivered to the detectors, including the CMS. CMS and other LHC experiments produced results in many areas, including the heavy ions. For some searches new limits or exclusions were set, including the existence of the Higgs. We continue to contribute to the HCAL and more specifically the HF Calorimeter in a significant way. There will be some background information about the experiment and the summary of the results will be given.

Short CV:

BS in Physics & EE Bogazici 1982, M.S. & M.Phil Yale 1985, Ph.D. Yale 1986, Research Faculty UCLA 1986-92, Assist. Prof. Bogazici 1992-94, Assoc. Prof. Bogazici 1994-99, Prof. Bogazici 1999-present, Visiting Prof. Iowa Univ. 1999-present, Worked in experiments in gamma ray spectroscopy: Yale WNSL, Stony Brook Linac; Intermediate En. Nucl. Phys.: Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility (LAMPF) many experiments and Spokesperson for Exp1119; High Energy: CERN-SMC, Fermilab-SELEX, Fermilab-MIPP, CERN-CMS. Received TUBITAK Tesvik Award.