Apr 15 2015 Wednesday 16:00
Gözde Ünal, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Sabancı University
Mathematical Modeling in Medical Imaging

Abstract: In this seminar, I will present an overview of some of my recent work on medical computer vision. The first problem I will talk about is using higher-order tensors in modelling of tree-like structures such as vascular trees in human brain and the heart. We embed the tensor in a 4D space rather than 3D in order to untangle the bifurcating (or even n-furcating) structures/branches in the data in a higher-dimensional space. This led to a highly performing and efficient vessel segmentation framework [1, 2], which is demonstrated on different applications. The second problem I’ll present is on modeling the changes of tumor in brain MRI, which is important for radio-therapy planning and follow-up assessment of the cancer disease. I will present a method for estimation of deformation in brain images, and how it is used to calculate tumor response measures [3,4]. Third, I will show a novel volumetric shape representation based on the screened Poisson partial differential equation and its low dimensional embeddings we call SPEMs [5], which is applied to a nonrigid shape retrieval problem.

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