December 16 2015 Wednesday 15:30
Levent Subaşı, İstanbul Technical University, Physics Engineering Department
Superfluid phases of a rotating Fermi gas with Rashba spin-orbit coupling

Abstract: I will talk about our recent work on the superfluid phases of a rotating spin-orbit coupled ultra-cold atomic Fermi gas in a harmonic trap in two dimensions. We assume that the rotation is introduced adiabatically so that no vortices are excited. Different from the effect of either spin-orbit coupling [1] or rotation [2], their simultaneous presence can lead to a ring-shaped density distribution. Using a BCS mean-field approach we have determined the critical velocities for Cooper pair breaking and complete disappearance of the superfluid phase via the Coriolis effect as a result of the interplay between spin-orbit coupling and rotation.

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[2] I. Bausmerth, A. Recati, and S. Stringari, "Destroying Superfluidity by Rotating a Fermi Gas at Unitarity", Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 070401 (2008)
[3] E. Doko, A. L. Subasi, M. Iskin, "Rotating a Rashba-coupled Fermi gas in two dimensions", arXiv:1510.02334