April 20, 2011 Wednesday 15:30
Kazem Azizi, Doğuş University
Spectroscopy, Electromagnetic, Weak and Strong Decays of Hadrons in QCD

Abstract: We calculate the mass and decay constants of some light and heavy baryons and mesons both in the vacuum and finite temperature, in the framework of the QCD sum rules. We also calculate the coupling constants as well as form factors characterizing the electromagnetic, weak and strong transitions of hadrons in light cone QCD sum rules. Using the obtained results for the form factors and coupling constants, we evaluate some related observables such as charges, electromagnetic multi-poles, decay rates, branching ratios, various polarization asymmetries etc. We also compare our results on the considered quantities with the predictions of other nonperturbative approaches as well as existing experimental data.

Brief CV:
Born: South Azerbayjan-Iran-1973 B.SC: Applied Physics, Tebriz University, Tebriz- Iran M. Sc: Sharif University of Technology, Tehran-Iran PhD : Middle East Technical University Assistant Prof.: Dogus University, Istanbul, September 2009-January 2011 Associated Prof. Dogus University, February 2011 up to now.

Research fields:
Formation, structure and phenomenology of hadrons- electromagnetic, Weak and strong decays of the light and heavy baryons and mesons--Three point and light cone QCD sum rules, Thermal QCD- some new physic models beyond the standard model such as universal extra dimension and supersymmetric models etc. and neutrino physics