September 22, 2011 Thursday 13:30
Marina Gigolashvili, Ilia State University, Department of Physical-Mathematical Sciences Georgian National Astrophysical Observatory
Investigation of the Sun and Solar-Terrestrial connections in Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory (Georgia)

Abstract: The Solar Physics is one of the most interesting field of Abastumani Observatory during many years. There are received significant results on investigation of solar prominences, some peculiarities of the differential rotation of sunspots and hydrogen filaments, as well as long-term magnetic features. Solar differential rotation is a key of the solar dynamo. So, the study of variation and investigation of N-S asymmetry of solar rotation is very important for explanation of solar cyclic activity. Variations of solar total and spectral irradiance (TSI and SSI) are studied also. Influence of helio-geophysical factors on human health, namely, on cardio-vascular desiases are investigated also.