May 24, 2010 Monday 15:30
Argyris Nicolaidis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Living in Extra Dimensions

Abstract: In models unifying gravity and the other forces, gravity propagates, besides the usual four dimensions, into additional extra dimensions and gravity becomes strong at TeV energies. We look for signatures of extra dimensions and strong gravitational phenomena in i) cosmic rays, attributing the cosmic ray "knee" to produced gravitons, escaping in the extra dimensions ii) LHC, with the production of microscopic black holes iii) unconventional neutrino oscillations, where a flavor neutrino mixes with a singlet neutrino living in the bulk iv) photon mixing with an axion living in extra dimensions, providing new explanations for the transparency of the universe to high energy photons and for the dispersion of time arrival of the MAGIC photons.