May 25, 2011 Wednesday 15:30
Bayram Tekin , METU
A Higgs Mechanism for New Massive Gravity and Weyl Invariant Extensions of Higher Derivative Theories

New Massive Gravity provides a non-linear extension of the Fierz-Pauli mass for gravitons in 2+1 dimensions. Here we construct a Weyl invariant version of this theory. When the Weyl symmetry is broken, the graviton gets a mass in analogy with the Higgs mechanism. In (anti)-de Sitter backgrounds, the symmetry can be broken spontaneously, but in flat backgrounds radiative corrections, at the two loop level, break the Weyl symmetry a la Coleman-Weinberg mechanism. We also construct the Weyl invariant extensions of some other higher derivative models, such as the Gauss-Bonnet theory (which yields an interesting result especially in three dimensions) and the Born-Infeld type gravities.