February 26 2014 Wednesday 15:30
Joris Raeymaekers, Academy of sciences of the Czech Republic
Black hole deconstruction and supergravity solutions with hypermultiplets

Abstract: I will briefly review the black hole deconstruction proposal, which describes black hole microstates in terms of brane configurations consisting of fluxed D6-anti-D6 pairs surrounded by ellipsoidal D2-branes. I will then report on some progress and puzzles in constructing the corresponding backreacted microstate geometries in 5-dimensional supergravity, which involve exciting the universal hypermultiplet. After discussing the general structure of hypermultiplet solutions, I will classify solutions with susy compatible isometries, extending earlier results of Meessen and Ortin. Of special relevance to the black hole deconstruction proposal are solutions with a toric Kahler base, which include a supersymmetric version of the Godel universe.