March 28, 2012 Wednesday 15:30
Didar Dobur, CERN, CMS Collaboration
Searches for Supersymmetry in CMS using events with leptons in the final state

Abstract:The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) provides us a unique laboratory to study nature at the smallest scales ever and thereby to shed light on some of the long-standing problems in particle physics. In the past two years, many precision measurements and searches for new physics were conducted by the LHC experiments, testing the Standard Model of particle physics at the new energy frontier. The leptonic final states in general provide very clean experimental signatures, increasing the potential for a discovery of a possible new physics. I will focus on the searches for supersymmetry carried out at CMS using 2011 LHC data in topologies that involve leptons and Missing Transverse Energy.

Short CV

o Ph.D. degree in 2006 at the Physics Institute of the University of Freiburg, Germany
o Worked at DESY in Hamburg in ZEUS experiment operated at electron-proton collider, HERA.
o Thesis on Forward Jet Production in Neutral Current (NC) Deep Inelastic Scattering (DIS)
o 2006 - 2008: Postdoctoral Research Associate at INFN, Pisa, Italy, Team leader Prof. Dr. Guido Tonelli
o 2008 - Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Florida, Gainsville, US, Team leader Prof. Dr. Guenakh Mitselmakher
o Member of CMS collaboration since 2006
o Developed a new jet reconstruction method using charged tracks only: “TrackJets”
o Magnetic Field measurement within the CMS muon detector volume using cosmic ray data
o Underlying event measurement in 2009 (one of the first CMS publication based on collision data)
o Search for new physics using Same-Sign di-leptons, jets and MET using 2010 data, PRL paper based on 2011data in preparation.
o Search for direct chargino-neutralino production: ongoing work with 2011 data
o 2011 - : Convener of the Leptonic SUSY group in CMS