March 29, 2012 Thursday 15:30
Steven Lowette, CERN, CMS Collaboration
Probing new physics and naturalness with the CMS detector

Abstract:A plethora of searches performed by the experiments at the LHC have already led to stringent limits on the existence of new physics beyond the Standard Model at the TeV scale. Starting from an example of an inclusive search for a dark-matter candidate with the CMS detector, I discuss how the constraints of the current results on supersymmetric models lead to an evolution of the search strategies. With even more LHC data expected shortly the naturalness itself of supersymmetric models will be put to the test.

Short CV
o PhD in 2006 in Brussels on heavy charged Higgs searches and b-tagging calibration with top quark events.
o CMS Thesis Award, prize for the best thesis in CMS in 2007.
o 2007 - now: postodc at the University of California, Santa Barbara
o 2007-2008: inventor and core developer of the Physics Analysis Toolkit (PAT), now the standard analysis framework for all analyses in CMS
o 2008: developed a method to predict the Z->neutrino backgrounds from photon samples, later used in several CMS and ATLAS searches for new physics with missing energy (including our own).
o 2009-2010: joined the CMS strip tracker commissioning and operations team that brought the tracker to successful collision data taking. In particular I was responsible for the commissioning software, and developed a new detailed strip noise measurement.
o 2010: studies of sources of anomalous missing energy signatures within the CMS missing energy group.
o 2010-2011: main editor and driving force on the flagship search for new physics in jets and missing energy final states. With a group of about 40 people we obtained among the best limits on supersymmetry with the 2010 LHC data.
o 2011: development of trigger paths for jets+MET searches using particle-flow objects and pileup subtraction online
o 2011-2012: currently we have developed and are carrying out a hadronic search for direct stop production, a key search in the tests of naturalness of supersymmetric theories.
o 2012: convener of the hadronic SUSY group in CMS.