April 30 2014 Wednesday 15:30
Baybars Külebi, Institut de Ciencies de l’Espai
What we need to know about Magnetic White Dwarfs in order to learn more about fundamental physics

Abstract: Magnetic White Dwarfs (MWDs) harbour rather extreme conditions which are very hard if not impossible to attain in laboratories on Earth, namely strong gravity (10^7-10^9 cm/s^2) and strong magnetic fields (10^4 - 10^9 G). What enables these stars to be testbeds of new physics are solid understanding of their interiors and modeling of the radiative processes in their atmospheres. In this talk, I will describe in detail the atmospheric modeling of MWDs. These methods became prolific in estimating the stellar properties of MWDs due to the advances in the observational facilities and the advent of all-sky surveys such as the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. I will outline these recent results, our current understanding of MWD evolution and discuss their potential in contributing to the future studies of more fundamental questions in physics and astrophysics.