Ali Kaya (Assoc. Prof.) Personal Web Page
Advisor for Graduate Students
Degrees received:
  University Department  Year
BS Bogaziçi Univ. Physics 1993
MS Bogaziçi Univ. Physics 1995
Ph.D. Texas A&M Univ. Physics 2001
Areas of interest
Theoretical High Energy Physics
Selected Publications
  • Spectrum of D = 6, N=4b supergravity on AdS in three-dimensions x S**3. S. Deger, A. Kaya, E. Sezgin, P. Sundell Nucl.Phys.B536:110-140,1998.
  • On the geometric properties of AdS instantons. Ali Kaya JHEP 9906:026,1999.
  • Matter coupled AdS(3) supergravities and their black strings. N.S. Deger, A. Kaya, E. Sezgin, P. Sundell Nucl.Phys.B573:275-290,2000.
  • New brane solutions from Killing spinor equations. Ali Kaya Nucl.Phys.B583:411-430,2000.
  • AdS / CFT and Randall-Sundrum model without a brane. N.S. Deger, A. Kaya JHEP 0105:030,2001.
  • Intersecting S-brane solutions of D = 11 supergravity. N.S. Deger, A. Kaya JHEP 0207:038,2002.
  • Open cosmic strings in black hole space-times. Ali Kaya Phys.Rev.D67:024013,2003.
  • NonGaussian path integration in selfinteracting scalar field theories. Ali Kaya Phys.Rev.D70:085001,2004.
  • Volume stabilization and acceleration in brane gas cosmology. Ali Kaya JCAP 0408:014,2004.
  • D-brane gases and stabilization of extra dimensions in dilaton gravity. Savas Arapoglu, Ali Kaya Phys.Lett.B603:107-112,2004.
  • Brane gases and stabilization of shape moduli with momentum and winding stress. Ali Kaya Phys.Rev.D72:066006,2005.
  • S-duality in String Gas Cosmology. Savas Arapoglu , Ata Karakci , Ali Kaya Phys.Lett.B645:255-260,2007.