Avadis Hacinliyan (Professor) Personal Web Page
( Part - Time )
Degrees received:
  University Department  Year
BS Robert College  Physics  1967 
MS University of Chicago Physics  1968 
Ph.D. University of Chicago Physics 1971
Areas of interest Ongoing Projects
  • Dynamical Systems 
  • High Energy Phenomelogy 
  • Computational Physics 
  • Statistical Physics 
  • Characterization of chaotic structures 
    with Y. Skarlatos, G. Sahin, G. Akin 
  • Algebraic approach to Lyapunov exponents 
    with Z. Perdahci
  • Characterization of MRI signals 
    with Prof. O. Nalcioglu
Selected Publications
  • I. Birol, N. A. Hacinliyan, "Signs and Approximate Magnitudes of Lyapunov Exponents in Continuous Time Dynamical Systems", Journal of Mathematical Physics, 38, 4594 (1997).  
  • I. Biral, N. Z. Perdahci, A. Hacinliyan, "Simulating a Dynamical System in the Presence of 1/f Noise", Int. Journal of Engineering Sciences, 36, 265 (1998). 
  • C. C. Guclu, G. Kashmar, O. Nalcioglu, A. Hacinliyan, "An FEM Approach for the Characterization of RF Field Homogeniety at High Fields", Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 37, 76 (1997).