5 July 2004,Monday at 15.30
Elena Budrene
Materials Processing Center, MIT
on Pattern Formation by Bacteria

15 Oct 2004,Friday at 15.00
BARUT Memorial Lecture
Jrg Fr lich
ETH Zrich, Physics
on Quantum Hall Effects
Tea will be served at 14.30

October 20th, 2004 15:30

Mehmet Tomak
METU Depatment of Physics
on 40 Years of Abdus Salam ICTP
Prof. Dr. Rahmi Guven
Dpt. of Mathematics
Bogazici University
Bebek 34342 Istanbul

October 27th, 2004 15:30
Levent Kurnaz
Physics, Bogazici University
on Climate Prediction through Statistical Methods
Tea and Cookies will be served at 15:00

November 10, 2004 15:30
Ali Kaya
on Non Gaussian Path Integration in Self-Interacting Scalar Field Theories
Tea will be served at 15.00

November 17, 2004 15:30
Ali Mostafazadeh, Koc University
on Pseudo-Hermitian Quantum Mechanics: Foundations and Applications
Tea will be served at 15.00

November 24, 2004 15:30
Prof.Dr. Nihat Berker,IT
on Yksek Sicaklik Speriletkenli Faz Diyagramlari, Sperakiskanlik Yogunlugu ve Agir Fermiyonlar: Mikroskopik Renormalizasyon Grubu Kurami
Tea will be served at 15.00

December 1, 2004 15:30
Do Dr. Naci ci,Sabanc University
on Optical profilometry and vibration amplitude measurement with the multicore optical fibres
Coffee will be served at 15.00

December 15, 2004 15:30
Alp Eden, Department of Mathematics, Bogazici University
on Some Results on the Generalized Davey-Stewartson Equations
Coffee will be served at 15.00

March 23, 2005 15:30
Tuncay Taymaz, Department of Geohysics, Istanbul Tehcnical University
on Sumatra Earthquake (Mw~9.0) of December 26, 2004
Surface Rupture Process and Slip Distribution Modeling and Tsunami Generation
Coffee will be served at 15.00

Friday, March 25 15:30
Müge Karagöz-Ünel, University of Oxford
on Has Tevatron nailed down the number of extra spatial dimensions?
Coffee will be served at 15.00

March 30, 2005 15:30
Alphan Sennaroglu, Koç University
on Energy Scaling in Femtosecond Lasers with Multi-Pass Cavities
Coffee will be served at 15.00

Apr 6, 2005 15:30
Ferit Öztürk, Department of Mathematics, Bogaziçi University
on Open book decompositions for canonical contact structures on Brieskorn manifolds
Coffee will be served at 15.00

Apr 20, 2005 15:30
Özgür Müstecaplioglu, Department of Physics, Koç University
on Quantum Entanglement and Decoherence in atomic Bose-Einstein Condensates
Coffee will be served at 15.00

May 4, 2005 15:30
Cem Güçlü, Department of Physics, Istanbul Technical University
on Coulomb corrections in the lepton-pair production in ultra-relativistic nuclear collisions
Coffee will be served at 15.00

?? ??, 2005 15:30
Yasar Yilmaz, Department of Physics, Istanbul Tehcnical University
on Universality Discussion at the Sol-Gel and Volume Phase Transitions of Polymeric Gels
Coffee will be served at 15.00

Friday, Aug. 19 10:30
Christopher Search, Stevens Institute of Technology
on Matter Wave Optics with Atoms and Molecules
Coffee will be served at 15.00

Sep 7, 2005 15:30
Mehmet Aykaç, Siemens Molecular Imaging, Inc.
on Positron Emission Tomography: Today and tomorrow
Coffee will be served at 15.00

Monday, Oct. 3, 15:30
BahadIr Özus(*) & Janet Ching-Mei Feng(*, **);
* Medical & Radiation Physics, Inc., Texas, U.S.A.
** Univ. of Texas

on Medicine + Physics <= Medical Physics
Coffee will be served at 15.00

Oct 19, 2005 15:30
Aşkın Ankay, B.Ü.
on High-mass and low-mass isolated neutron stars
Coffee will be served at 15.00

Oct 26, 2005 15:30
Naci İnci, B.Ü.
on Inhibited spontaneous emission of dye molecules embedded in nanofibres
Coffee will be served at 15.00

Nov 16, 2005 15:30
Ali Kaya, B.Ü.
on Brane gas cosmology: An application of string theory to cosmology
Coffee will be served at 15.00 >>>

Nov 23, 2005 15:30
Taylan Akdoğan, MIT
on Deuteron and neutron form factors at low Q2 using the BLAST
Coffee will be served at 15.00 >>>

Nov 30, 2005 15:30
Alkan Kabakçıoğlu, Koç University
on A graph-theoretical look at the structure of folded polymers
Coffee will be served at 15.00 >>>

Monday, Dec 5, 2005 15:30
Esen Ercan Alp, Argonne National Laboratory
on State of art in x-ray science and sources: a snapshot in 2005
Coffee will be served at 15.00 >>>

Dec 7, 2005 15:30
Ömer Faruk Dayı, ITU, Feza Gürsey Institute
on A new formulation for N=1 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory and its Batalin-Vilkovisky quantization
Coffee will be served at 15.00 >>>

Dec 21, 2005 15:30
Tonguç Rador, B.Ü.
on Why we live in three dimensions
Coffee will be served at 15.00 >>>

Jan 4, 2006 15:30
İsmet İ. Kaya, Sabancı University
on Intercarrier Scattering in Two Dimensional Electron Systems
Coffee will be served at 15.00 >>>

March 1, 2006 15:30
Alpar Sevgen, B.Ü.
on Musical Scales, Signals, Quantum Mechanics
Coffee will be served at 15.00 >>>

March 15, 2006 15:30
Ergin Sezgin, Texas A&M University
on Living on the Wall: The Case for Six Dimensions
Coffee will be served at 15.00 >>>

March 22, 2006 15:30
Muhittin Mungan, B. Ü.
on Random Strings, The Combinatorics of Matches and 1d Lattice Gases >>>

March 29, 2006 15:30
Raoul Nigmatullin, Kazan State University
on Is There Physical Meaning of the Fractional Integral With Complex Exponent? >>>

April 5, 2006 15:30
Levent Akant, Feza Gürsey Institute
on Equivariant Structures in Stochastic Quantization >>>

Tuesday, April 11, 2006 15:30
Roberto Percacci, International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA), Trieste, Italy
on Asymptotic Safety >>>

April 19, 2006 15:30
Cihan Saçlıoğlu, Sabancı University
on Undetected Fields on Euclidean 4-Manifolds

April 26, 2006 15:30
Metin Arık, B. Ü.
on Dark Matter and Dark Energy

May 17, 2006 15:30
Erhan Gülmez, B. Ü.
on CMS Commissioning Adventure Begins

May 24, 2006 15:30
Ali Azmi Altıntaş, B. Ü.
on Quantum Groups of Fermion Algebras

Oct 4, 2006 15:30
Taylan Akdogan, Bogaziçi University
on Neutron-deuteron scattering and the three-nucleon force

Oct 18, 2006 15:30
Haydar Uncu, Bogaziçi University
on Bound State Solutions of the Schrˆdinger equation for Hamiltonians with Dirac Delta Functions

Nov 1, 2006 15:30
Fatih Erman, Bogaziçi University
on Unification of Resonances and Decaying States with Time Asymmetric Quantum Theory

13 Nov 2006,Monday at 15.00
BARUT Memorial Lecture
Anton Zeilinger
University of Vienna
on From Quantum Philospohy to Quantum Technology
Tea will be served at 14.30

Nov 22, 2006 15:30
Ibrahim Semiz, Bogaziçi University
on ... of Snakes, Telescopes and Neural Networks

Nov 29, 2006 15:30
Kayhan Ulker, Feza Gursey Enstitusu
on Supersymmetry, Superspace and Superfield formulation of N=4 SYM theory in extended superspace

Dec 1, 2006 Friday 15:00
Esen Ercan Alp, Argonne National Laboratory
Applications in condensed matter physics, geophysics and biophysics

Jan 9, 2007, Tuesday 14:00
Can Kilic, Johns Hopkins University
on Astrophysical Constraints on Spontaneous Lorentz Violation

Feb 28, 2007 Wednesday 15:30
Eric Laenen, Head, Nikhef Theory Group, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
on The Standard Model, the Cosmos and the Large Hadron Collider

Mar 05, 2007 Monday 15:30
B. de Wit, Utrecht University
on Black holes & strings
This is a blackboard talk. Especially for students!

Mar 07, 2007 Wednesday 15:30
F. Ömer Ilday, Bilkent Üniversitesi
on High-power ultrafast fiber lasers: from solitons to similaritons

Mar 12, 2007 Monday 15:30
Mehmet Erbudak, ETH Zurich & Bogazici University
on Structural and electronic observations at crystal-quasicrystal interfaces

Mar 20, 2007 Tuesday 15:30
Bülend Ortaç, Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Germany
on High-energy ultra-short pulse fiber lasers

Mar 28, 2007 Wednesday 15:30
Özgül Erdamar, Bogazici University
on Experimental Investigation of the Humidity Induced Change in the Conduction Mechanism of PEG

Apr 19, 2007 Thursday 16:00 @TB310
Nihat Berker, Bogaziçi Üniversitesi & MIT
Italo Calvino, J.P. Sartre, Oryantalizm, G. Vizyenos: Muhendishanede Bir Fencinin Toplumbilim Dersleri

Apr 25, 2007 Wednesday 15:30
Richard Packard, UC Berkeley
Superfluid Weak Links; Physics and Applications

May 23, 2007 Wednesday 15:30
Özhan Özatay, Cornell University
on Manipulation of Extrinsic Magnetic Damping and Spin Transfer Switching Currents in Nanomagnets by Nonuniform Spin Injection and Controlled Sidewall Oxidation


Jul 16, 2007 Monday 15:30
Erdal Toprak, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Single Molecule Measurments of Molecular Motors

Oct 4, 2007 Wednesday 15:30
Utku Kemiktarak, Boston University
Radio-frequency scanning tunneling microscopy

Oct 17, 2007 Wednesday 16:00
Naresh Dadhich, Inter University Center for Astronomy and Astrohysics, Pune , INDIA
"Why Einstein (Had I been born in 1844!)?"

Oct 24, 2007 Wednesday 15:30
Ali Mostafazadeh, Koc University
Conceptual and Practical Implications of Pseudo-Hermitian Quantum Mechanics

Oct 31, 2007 Wednesday 15:30
Tonguc Rador, Bogazici University
Dynamics of Three-Agent Games

Nov 21, 2007 Wednesday 15:30
Muhittin Mungan, Bogazici University
Frenkel Kontorawa Models, Free Energy Recursions and Burgers Shocks

Nov 28, 2007 Wednesday 15:30
A. Levent Demirel, Koc University
Self-organization of polymers

Nov 28, 2007 Wednesday 15:30
Ali Chamseddine, Physics Department American University of Beirut
Gravity in Noncommutative Geometry: A Review

Oct 15, 2008 Wednesday 15:30
Serdar Kuyucak , School of Physics, University of Sydney
Molecular dynamics (MD) simulations of protein-ligand interactions: Mechanism and free energy of ligand binding

Nov 10, 2008 Monday 15:00
Julius Jellinek , Argonne National Laboratory
Novel Analyses of Dynamics and Thermodynamics of Finite Systems

Nov 19, 2008 Wednesday 15:30
T. L. Kirk , ETH Zurich
Near Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy

Nov 20, 2008 Thursday 15:30
Mehmet Burcin Unlu , University of California
Using Light to Detect Cancer

Nov 26, 2008 Wednesday 15:30
Sevil Salur , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Soft to Hard Probes: From RHIC to LHC

Nov 27, 2008 Thursday 15:30
Eric Gawiser , Rutgers University
Probing Dark Matter and Dark Energy with Distant Galaxies

Dec 1, 2008 Monday 15:30
Özhan Özatay, San Jose Research Center
3D Solid State Memory: On The Road To Ultra-High Density Storage

Dec 3, 2008 Wednesday 15:30
Erkcan Ozcan, University College London
In search of new Physics with ATLAS

Dec 22, 2008 Monday 15:30
Can Kılıç, Johns Hopkins University
Multijet Resonances at the Tevatron and the LHC

Dec 24, 2008 Wednesday 15:30
Bilge Demirköz, CERN-Fellow
ATLAS Semi-Conductor and Trigger Systems and Potential for New Discoveries

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