Fall 2003

This Month;

18 September 2003
Hakan Erkol
Bogazici University M.S. Presentation:
Approximate ground state energies of one dimensional potential wells by the S matrix formalism

8 October 2003
Prof. Dr. Metin Arik
Bogazici University
Quantum group invariance of physical systems

22 October 2003
Y. Doc. Dr. Muhittin Mungan
Bogazici University
Frenkel Kontorowa Models, Free Energy Recursions and Burgers Shocks

12 November 2003
Prof. Dr. Haluk Beker
Bogazici University
Estimating Ground State Energies of Narrow and Shallow Potentials by S-Matrix Theory

19 November 2003
Prof. Dr. Ayse Erzan
Department of Physics,Istanbul Technical University and Feza Gursey Institute
Simple Model for Genomic Regulatory Networks