Winter 2003

This Month;

10 December2003 Can F. Delale
Istanbul Technical University
and Feza Gursey Institute
Stable and Unstable Bubble Collapse Configurations: Sonoluminescence and Bubble Fission
17 December 2003 Savas Arapoglu
Bogazici University
Partially Localized Intersecting Branes
18 December 2003,
Thursday at 15.30
Onur Mentes
Stony Brook University
Imaging Magnetic Domains Using Resonant X-ray Scattering
24 December 2003 Zafer Gedik
Sabanci University
Department of Physics
Quantum Limit of the Josephson Effect
25 December 2003,
Thursday at 15.30
Levent Alkant
University of Rochester
Entropy in Large N Matrix Models
14 January 2004 F. Omer Ilday
MIT Research Laboratory
Temporally Advanced and Delayed Nonlinear Response From Cascaded Quadratic Processes
21 January 2004 Dr. Adrian Barkan
Rice University
Imaging and Sensing with THz Radiation