Spring 2004

This Month;

10 March 2004 Dr. Nihat Sadik Deger
Feza Gursey Institute
Intersections of S-Branes
17 March 2004 Dr. Ali Kaya
Feza Gursey Institute
Giant Gravitons in String Theory
24 March 2004 Dr. Askin Ankay
Feza Gursey Institute
Some physical properties and evolution of different types of isolated neutron star
31 March 2004 Prof. Dr. Erhan Gulmez
Bogazici University
Hadrons with charm
14 April 2004 Prof. Dr. Misha Sheftel
Bogazici University
Method of partner symmetries and four-dimensional heavenly metrics with no Killing vectors
21 April 2004 Dr. Tonguc Rador
Feza Gursey Institute
Random Walks with Shrinking Steps: First Passage Characteristics
4 May 2004, Tuesday at 15.30 Prof. Nigel T. Bishop
University of South Africa
Black holes and gravitational radiation
12 May 2004 Dr. Sencer Taneri
Feza Gursey Institute
Continuum Space Model For Folding of The Protein Crambin