Ali Kaya (Prof.)

Advisor for Graduate Students

Degrees Received

B.S. : Bogaziçi Univ. - Physics (1993)
M.S. : Bogaziçi Univ. - Physics (1995)
Ph.D.: Texas A&M Univ. - Physics (2001)

Areas of Interest

  • Theoretical High Energy Physics

Selected Publications
  • Exact RG Flow in Expanding Universe and Screening of Cosmological Constant, A. Kaya, arXiv:1303.5459, Phys.Rev. D87 (2013) 123501.
  • The Functional Measure for the In-In Path Integral, A. Kaya, arXiv:1212.3066.
  • Stationary Phase Approximation and Instanton-like States for Cosmological In-In Path Integrals,A. Kaya, arXiv:1209.4694, Phys. Rev. D86 (2012) 123511.
  • Comments on the canonical measure in cosmology, A. Kaya, arXiv:1203.2807 [gr-qc], Phys. Lett. B713 (2012) 1.
  • Cosmological backreaction of a quantized massless scalar field, A. Kaya and M. Tarman, arXiv:1111.2511 [gr-qc], JCAP 1201 (2012) 040.