İbrahim Semiz( Professor of Physics)

Advisor for 7th and 8th term students

Degrees Received

B.S. : Boğaziçi University - Physics (1986)
Ph.D.: Yale Univ. - Physics and Astronomy (1992)

Areas of Interest

  • General Relativity and Gravitation
    Black Holes
  • Mathematical Physics
  • The ÖSYM System
Ongoing Projects
  • Extreme black holes and Cosmic Censorship
    PhD work of Koray Düztaş
  • What do the cosmological supernova observations tell us
    PhD work of Kâzım Çamlıbel

Selected Publications (N ~ 25 as of Aug 2017)

Most cited 5 (~ root of N) [WOS, Google S, as of Aug 2017] My favorites
  1. LRS Bianchi type I universes exhibiting Noether symmetry in the scalar–tensor Brans-Dicke theory (with U. Camci & Y. Kucukakca), Gen. Rel. Grav. v44, 1893 (2012). [24,32 cits]
  2. Dyonic Kerr-newman black holes, complex scalar field and cosmic censorship, Gen. Rel. Grav. v43, 833 (2010). [15,28 cits]
  3. Dirac equation is separable on the dyon black hole metric, Phys. Rev. D v46, 5414 (1992). [17,24 cits]
  4. Dyon black holes do not violate cosmic censorship, Class. Quantum Grav. v7, 353 (1990). [16,21 cits]
  5. Klein-Gordon equation is separable on the dyon black-hole metric, Phys. Rev. D v45, 532 (1992). [15,20 cits]