Naci Inci (Professor)

Degrees Received

B.S. : Marmara Univ. - Physics (1987)
Ph.D.: Heriot-Watt U. - Physics (1993)

Areas of interest

    Physics of nano-particles, time-resolved imaging and spectroscopy of nano-particles, investigation of physical and optical properties of nano-particle-doped polymers and their sensor applications, fiber optics, optical sensors, photonic crystals, optical metrology, quantum information, quantum cryptography.
Selected Publications
  • S Acikgoz, Y Ulusu, S Akin, S Sonmezoglu, I Gokce, M N Inci, Photoinduced electron transfer mechanism between green fluorescent protein molecules and metal oxide nanoparticles, Ceramics International 40 2943 (2014)
  • A Novack, D D’Annunzio, E D Cubuk, N Inci, L Molter, Three-dimensional phase step profilometry with a multicore optical fiber, Appl Opt 51, 1045 (2012)
  • S Acikgoz, G Aktas, M N Inci, H Altin, A Sanyal, FRET between BODIPY azide dye clusters within PEG-based hydrogel: A handle to measure stimuli responsiveness, J Phys Chem B 114 (34) 10954 (2010)
  • M N Inci, Simultaneous measurements of the thermal optical and linear thermal expansion coefficients of a thin film etalon from the reflection spectra of a super luminescent diode, J Phys D: Appl Phys 37 3151 (2004)
  • M N Inci, S R Kidd, J S Barton and J D C Jones, High temperature miniature fiber optic interferometric thermal sensors, Meas Sci & Technol 4 382 (1993)