E. Nihal Ercan (Professor)

Degrees Received

B.A. : Istanbul Univ. - Physics-Math. (1976)
M.S. : Bogaziçi Univ. - Physics (1978)
Ph.D.: University of London - Space Sciences (1983)

Areas of Interest

  • Observational X-Ray Astronomy
    • X-ray sources in binary systems
    • Galactic bulge sources
    • Cluster X-ray sources
    • Bursters
    • Cataclysmic Variables
    • X-ray Observations of low-mass X-ray Binaries with Various Satellites
  • Ongoing Projects
    • Spectrum X-Gamma Project, Yüksek Enerji Astrofizigi Ünitesi, TUBITAK.
    • X-isin ikili sistemlerinin ASCA ve XTE Çalismalari, Bogaziçi Üniv. Arastirma Fonu.
    Selected Publications
    • Suzaku Observations of galactic supernova remnant CTB 37A (G348.5+0.1), A.Sezer,F.Gök,M.Hudaverdi, E.N.Ercan, Mont.Not.R.Astron.Soc., 417, 1387-1391, (2011)
    • High Energy Studies on the non-thermal Emission from Cassiopeia A & Tycho, M. Bozkurt, T. Ergin, M. Hudaverdi and E.N. Ercan, Vol. 3 No. 1, pp. 34-48. doi: 10.4236/ijaa.2013.31005, Int.Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics (2013 )
    • Gev Analysis of mixed morphology supernova remnants interacting with molecular clouds, T. Ergin, E.N. Ercan, American Institute of Physics Conf. Proc. 1505, pp. 265 -268 (2012)
    • Origin of gamma –ray emission in the shell of Cassioeia A L.Saha,T.Ergin, P.Majumdar, M.Bozkurt, E.N.Ercan, Astronomy & Astrophysics Volume 563, A88 - March (2014)
    • Studying the Supernova Remnant G31.9+0.0 in Gamma and X-Rays, 33RD INTERNATIONAL COSMIC RAY CONFERENCE, RIO DE JANEIRO ( 2013) THE ASTROPARTICLE PHYSICS CONFERENCE T. Ergin , A. Sezer , L. Saha, P. Majumdar , E.N. Ercan