R. Ömür Akyüz (Professor)


Degrees Received

B.A. : Istanbul Univ. - Physics + Math (1963)
M.S. : Worcester P.I - Physics (1968)
Ph.D.: Brown Univ. - Physics(1972)

Areas of Interest

  • Theoretical Nuclear Physics
  • General Principles of Physics
  • Physics as culture

Ongoing Projects
  • Self energy of nuclei in folded Yukawa model (with Sule Khnemi)
  • Exact solution of linear hookian massive columns
  • Spurious unit vectors in electromagnetism

Selected Publications
  • "A Schematical Evaluation of the Dipole Sum Rule" Phys. Lett. 90B, 26 (1980).
  • "NuclearSurface-Surface Interaction in the Folding Model" Nuclear Structure and Heavy Ion Collisions LXXVII Corso, ed. Broglia, Dasso, Ricci; p.492 (1981).
  • A Folding Model Potential and Surface Interaction of two Nuclei" Nuclear Physics, ed. Broglia, Dasso; p.465 (1982).
  • "Simple Isoenergetics of Isovector Giant Multipole Resonances" Jour. Phys. G14, 1453 (1988).
  • "The Compton Effect: As the 'Progenitor' of Quantal Concepts" Amer. Jour. Phys. 56, 997 (1988).
  • "Angular Momentum Conservation (A freshman experiment)" Amer. Jour.Phys. 64, 446 (1996).