Levent Kurnaz (Professor) Personal Web Page
Degrees received:
  University Department  Year
BS Bogaziçi University 
Bogaziçi University 
MS Bogaziçi University 
U. of Pittsburgh 
Ph.D. U. of Pittsburgh Physics 1994
Areas of interest Ongoing Projects
  • Soft Condensed Matter Physics  
  • Statistical Physics  
  • Chemical Physics  
  • Investigation of processes involved in sedimentation  
  • Statistical analysis of temperature fluctuations and their connection to geology and climatology.  
  • Computational analysis of natural processes  
  • Simulation of biochemical processes in cells  
Selected Publications
  • M.L. Kurnaz and D. K. Schwartz, "Skeletonization as a Probe of Interlayer Correlations in Langmuir Blodgett Films. " Langmuir 12, 4971 (1996). 
  • M. L. Kurnaz and J. V. Maher, "Measurement of the Second Virial Coefficient for the Interaction of Dilute Colloidal Particles in a Mixed Solvent." Phys.Rev. E 55, 572 (1997) 
  • M. Levent Kurnaz and Daniel K. Schwartz, " Interfacial Shear Thickening in a Langmuir Monolayer .", Phys. Rev. E (Sept. 1997). 
  • M. Levent Kurnaz and Daniel K. Schwartz, "Direct Observation of Two-Dimensional Jeffery Orbits of Anisotropic Particles in a Langmuir Monolayer.", Journal of Rheology  (Sept.1997). 
  • K. V. McCloud, M. L. Kurnaz and J. V. Maher, "Deposition Rate Effects in Quasi-2- Dimensional Sedimentation." Phys. Rev. E (Nov. 1997).