Muhittin Mungan (Assist. Professor) Personal Web Page
Advisor for Graduate Students and Special Students
Degrees received:
  University Department  Year
BS Bogaziçi Univ. Physics  1989
ME Bogaziçi Univ. System and Control Engineering  1991
MS Univ. of Chicago Physics  1993
Ph.D. Univ. of Chicago Physics 1998
Areas of interest
  • Soft Condensed Matter Physics
    • Granular Materials
    • Fluxlines in High Tc Superconductors
    • Charge Density Waves
  • Statistical Mechanics
    • Non-Equilibrium Systems and Kinetic Theory
Selected Publications
  • "Determining Pair Interactions from Structural Correlations," Phys. Rev. B, 58, 14588, (1998).
  • "Diverging Strains near Threshold: Breakdown of the Elastic Description of a Charge Density Wave Model," Tr. J. of Physics , 23, 113, (1999).
  • "Motion of Three Inelastic Particles on a Ring," Phys. Rev. E, 53, 6435, (1996).
  • "Inelastic Collisions of Three Particles on a Line as a 2-d Billard," Physica D, 83, 409, (1995).