Naci Inci (Professor)Personal Web Page
Advisor for 5th and 6th term students
 UniversityDepartment Year
BS Marmara Univ.Physics 1987
Ph.D.Heriot-Watt U.Physics1993
Areas of interest Ongoing Projects
  • Physics of nanoparticle optics and its applications to quantum information and quantum cryptoghraphy
  • Optoelectronics, fiber optic sensors, photonic crystals and optical metrology
  • Optical and electronic characterization of thin films
  • Optical waveguide spectroscopy for polymer films
    BU. Research Fund
  • S T Yilmaz, U D Ozugurel, K Bulut, M N Inci Vibration amplitude analysis with a single frame using structured light pattern from a four-core optical fiber Optics Communications 249 515 (2005) 
  • K Bulut and M N Inci Three dimensional optical profilometry using a four-core optical fiber Optics & Laser Technology 37 463 (2005) 
  • M NInci Simultaneous measurements of the thermal optical and linear thermal expansion coefficients of a thin film etalon from the reflection spectra of a super luminescent diodeJournalof Physics D: Apply Physics 37 3151 (2004) 
  • G Gulsen and M NInci Thermal optical properties of TiO2 films Optical Materials 18 373 (2002) 
  • M N Inci and T Yoshino A fiber optic wavelength modulation sensor based on tantalum pentoxide coatings for absolute temperature measurementsOptical Review 7 205 (2000)