Degrees Received

B.S. : Yildiz University - Physics Department (2002)
M.S. : Bogazici University - Physics Department (2005)
PhD. : Bogazici University - Physics Department (2009)

Areas of Interest

  • Mathematical Physics
  • Biological Physics
Selected Publications
  • "Exact solutions for a Hamiltonian with the Morse potential and the Dirac delta shell interactions", Erkol, Hakan; Demiralp, Ersan, Molecular Physics , Volume 107, No 19,p. 2053-2062 (2009).
  • "The Woods-Saxon potential with point interactions" Erkol, Hakan; Demiralp, Ersan, Physics Letters A, Volume 365, No 1.2,p. 55-63 (2007).
  • "Solutions of the Schrodinger equation for Dirac delta decorated linear potential" Uncu, H; Erkol, H; Demiralp, E; et al., Central European Journalo of Physics, Volume 3, No 2, p.303-323 (2005).