Yani Skarlatos (Professor)Personal Web Page
Vice Chair
 UniversityDepartment Year
BSRobert CollegeElectrical Engineering1970
MSYale UniversityElectrical Engineering1971
MPhilYale UniversityElectrical Engineering1972
Ph.D.Yale UniversityElectrical Engineering1974
Areas of interest Ongoing Projects
  • Physical electronics
  • Photonics
  • Electrical transport in amorphous materials, glasses, and polymers
  • A. Hacinliyan, Y. Skarlatos, G. Sahin, and G. Akin "Signals of chaotic behavior in PMMA" Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 17 (2003) 575-583
  • C. Karaalioglu and Y. Skarlatos "Fourier transform method for measurement of thin film thickness by speckle interferometry" Optical Engineering 42 (2003) 1694-1698
  • C. Karaalioglu and Y. Skarlatos "Measurement of thin film thickness by electronic speckle pattern interferometry" Optics Communications 234 (2004) 269-276