Veysi Erkcan Özcan

Professor at Bogazici University

My research interests are mainly in experimental particle physics. They include precision measurements and discovery analyses at "large" colliders, high-speed particle tracking in busy environments, and various table-top accelerators and inexpensive particle detectors.

If you are interested in the research I do at CERN and the ATLAS experiment at the LHC, or if you would like to join the Bogazici ATLAS group, or if you would like to contact me about my phenomenological work (including questions about physics software I have written), then please contact me at erkcan dot ozcan - at - cern dot ch.

If you are interested in work we are doing on-site at Bogazici University Physics Department, such as the projects for observing high-energy cosmic rays at an urban environment or the accelerator and detector research at the KAHVE Lab, or if you are interested in the past work I have done at the BaBar experiment at SLAC, or if you are a Bogazici student asking for anything related to the courses I teach (at the undergrad level, so far only Physics 101, 102, 121, 201, 202, 290, 390, 442, 443, 472 & 48I), please contact me at erkcan dot ozcan - at - boun dot edu dot tr.

If you want to chat about various other things I like (such as preparing a virtual computer museum through emulation, writing an AI engine to help you prepare Magic the Gathering decks, running gcc and scheme and the kitchen sink on your pocket computer, contemplating on how to teach scientific thinking, debunking urban legends in chain emails, etc.), or if you simply want to say hi, please contact me at erkcan - at - hotmail dot com.

If you are trying to sell me something, or if you have 10 million dollars from your late uncle and you want to share part of that money with me in return for my banking details, or if you have a theory that explains all the inner workings of the universe, or if you want to warn me about the impending end of the world, you can also use the above hotmail address, but please don't forget to add a four-letter word like "spam" or "junk" to the subject line, to draw my attention to such important issues urgently.

If you want to learn about my publications, try SPIRES with the search string "FIND A OZCAN, V. E.". Or if you are lazy, you can find an old partial list here. If you want to find out more about me, try the string "erkcan" in your favorite search engine.

Links to my past: Kolej - ODTU EE - ODTU Phys - Stanford AP (PhD) - UCL HEP

My contact card (phone & email, etc.) & single page cv

News from ATLAS (2011): pdf   Interaction of Particles with Matter: pdf   Exotic quarks at the LHC: pdf   Hizli benzetime giris: pdf
Bogazici'nde halka acik seminer (2012): CERN, LHC, Higgs ve Otesi
Sanayi Eczacilarinin Sesi dergisindeki yazi (2012): Higgs Bozonunun 25 Asirlik Hikayesi
Bu yazidan esinlenilerek Turkiye Bilim Merkezleri Vakfi'nda verilen sunumun ikinci yarisi (2012): pdf
Bogazici bilim kulubunun Temel Bilimler Neden Onemlidir? paneldeki fizik ile ilgili sunumum (2015): pdf
Boomerang simulation (updated GPLed software from G. Henning): wxBumms-12-01-2012
Phys580 draft lecture notes (experimental).
KAHVELab hakkinda: Kasım 2020 özet sunum
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