Physics 442 - Spring 2013

Course Location and Schedule

Lectures: Th56 @ YD106.

Labs: F1234 or F5678 @ the Modern Physics Lab.

Contents: Lectures will provide a broad review of data analysis including, but not limited to topic like statistics, probability distributions, chi-square, linear and polynomial fits. In the lab sessions, 8 experiments will be performed by the students:

  1. i.q/m ratio of the electron

  2. ii.Photoelectric effect & the Planck’s constant

  3. iii.X-ray scattering: The Duane-Hunt displacement law

  4. iv.Radioactive decay

  5. v.Poisson statistics

  6. vi.The Frank-Hertz experiment

  7. vii.Scattering in 2D

  8. viii.The Cavendish experiment

Prerequisites: Phys 311 or Phys 407

Feedback System

The course has an optional online discussion component hosted on piazza. You need a email address to register. The system allows you to post questions to other students or the instructor, find your lab or study partners, and give feedback. Students can stay completely anonymous if they like. Occasionally interesting items about the course and polls will be posted to assess student response.

Textbook:Advanced Physics Experiments by Erhan Gülmez (Boğaziçi University Publications, 1999, ISBN 975-518-129-6). Students are expected to have read the experiments and done some background research before coming to the lab. If you cannot obtain the book from the bookstore, you can borrow a copy from the instructor for the duration of the semester. In this case, please be aware that you will not receive a letter grade until you return the book at the end of the semester.

Grading: 80% from experiments (pre-quiz, report, post-quiz for each experiment), 10% end-of-the-semester review exam, 10% assignment(s). There might also be small bonus points assigned if extra work is performed by the students.

Attendance: One way or another, the students are expected to have performed every one of the eight experiments to pass the course. If you miss one experiment, you will be allowed to make-up for it at the end of the semester.


V. Erkcan Özcan

KB410F; for email, click here; office hours: by appointment, or just drop by!