2006 Conferences

1. American Physical Society March Meeting, Baltimore, MD March 2006: 
a) V. Pribiag, G. D. Fuchs, P. M. Braganca, N. C. Emley, O. Ozatay, J. Sankey, D. C. Ralph, R. A. Buhrman, I. N. Krivorotov, “Spin-Transfer Effect In Nanopillar Spin Valves With A Thick Polarizing Layer”
b) K. V. Thadani, J. C. Sankey, I. N. Krivorotov, O. Ozatay, P. M. Braganca, R. A. Buhrman, D. C. Ralph, “Linewidths for spin-transfer-driven precession in magnetic nanopillars as a function of the direction of applied magnetic field”
c) P. M. Braganca, O. Ozatay, A. G. F. Garcia, J. C. Sankey, N. C. Emley, D. C. Ralph, R. A. Buhrman, “Influence of Electrode Structure on Switching Characteristics in Nanopillar Spin-Valves”

C. Garcia, A. Zhukov, V. Zhukova , V. Larin, J. Gonzalez, J. J. del Val , M. Knobel, “Temperature Dependence of Magnetic Properties of Cu80Co19Ni1 Thin Microwires.” Poster, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 316, e71-e73 (2007)
b) C. Garcia, A. Chizhik, A. Zhukov, V. Zhukova, J. Gonzalez, J.M. Blanco, L.V. Panina, “Influence of torsion and tensile stress on magnetoimpedance effect in Fe-rich amorphous microwires at high frequencies” Poster, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 316, e896-e899 (2007)

3. EMSA, Bilbao, July 2004
C. Garcia, V. Zhukova, A. Zhukov, N. Usov, M. Ipatov, J. Gonzalez, J.M. Blanco, “Effect of interaction on giant magnetoimpedance effect in a system of few thin wires” Poster, Sensor Letters, Vol 5, n 1, pp. 10-12(3) (2007)