2009 Conferences

1. IEEE International Magnetics Conference, Sacramento, CA May 2009:
a) O. Ozatay, A. Moser, J. Katine, T. Hauet, L. Folks, R. Payne, S. Florez and B. Terris “Domain transfer by heat-assisted coercivity reduction in perpendicular anisotropy magnetic nanowire stacks for 3d memory applications.”
b) D. Houssameddine ,J. Michel, K. Garello, P. Vincent, U. Ebels, B. Delaet, S. Florez, J. Katine, D. Mauri, A. Zeltser, O. Ozatay, L. Folks, B.D. Terris, B. Viala, B. Dieny,and M. Cyrille “Time domain studies of spin torque oscillators
based on MgO tunnel junctions.”

2. MRS Fall Meeting Boston, MA. November 30 – December 4 2009
a) V. M. Prida, V. Vega, J. L. Sánchez-Llamazares, M. L. Sánchez, J.D. Santos, B. Hernando, Ll. Escoda, J. J. Suñol, C. García and C. A. Ross “Thermal Annealing Influence on Magnetic and Structural Properties of Cu56Ga28Mn16 microwires”
b) J.L. Sánchez Llamazares, B. Hernando, V.M. Prida, C. García, C.A. Ross “Magnetocaloric properties of rapidly solidified Ni51.1Mn31.2In17.7 Heusler alloy ribbons”