2012 Conferences

1. APS, Boston, in March 2012 :
G. Kosoglu, M. Yumak,U. Dinc,O, Ozatay, Y. Skarlatos, C.Carsia “Porous Silicon Applications for Photovoltaic Solar Cell Devices”

2. APS,  Boston, in March 2012 :
U. Kilic, I. G. Finocchio V. Inlek,  I. Cinar,  G. Aktas, O. Ozatay “Landau Lifshitz Bloch Macrospin Simulations of Magnetization Switching Dynamics in Perpendicular Anisotropy CoNi/Pd Magnetic Multilayer Thin Films at Elevated Temperatures”

3.  APS,  Boston, in March 2012 :
I. Cinar, G. Kosoglu, O. B. Aslan,  G. Aktas, O. Ozatay “3-D Numerical Study of Switching Dynamics in Nanoscale Phase Change Memory Devices” 

4. APS, Boston, in March 2012 :
O. B. Aslan, I. Cinar, G. Kosoglu, G. Aktas, O. Ozatay “3-D Simulation Model of Phase Change and Percolation in Phase Change Memory”

5. APS,  Boston, in March 2012 :
M. Yumak, K. Ture, V. V. Victorida, C. Garcia “Microwave Assisted Magnetization Reversal in Cylindrical  Antidot Arrays with In-Plane and Perpendicular Anisotropy”

6. APS, Boston, in March 2012 :
K. Ture, M. Yumak, G. Aktas, J.M. Florez, P. Vargas, C.A. Ross, C.Carcia “Effect of The Exchange Bias Field on The Magnetoimpedance Response in Multilayered FeNi-IrMn Ribbons” 

 7.  2012 Joint European Magnetic Symposia (JEMS), Parma, Italy :
 C. García, J. M. Florez, P. Vargas,  and C. A. Ross “Tuning the magnetoimpedance response with an exchange bias field” 

 8.  2012 Joint European Magnetic Symposia (JEMS), Parma, Italy :
 C. Garcia, J. L. Sanchez Llamazares, A.G. Lara-Rodríguez, C. A. Ross “Structural and magnetic properties of melt spun NiCoAl alloy ribbons”