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Course Description: Electromagnetic waves. Geometric Optics. Wave Optics. Relativity.Quantum Physics  and its applications.

Prerequisites:  Phys 201


Required text: Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics, 9th Ed., by Jewett & Serway.



Readings, CDs&DVDs on Reserve: Feynman Lectures, CDs&DVDs of

                                                              Prof. Lewin from MIT


Attendance: Students are expected to come to class regularly and on time.


Homework: Lecturer will suggest some problems from the textbook.  Students

 should  read the related textbook material and  work on the suggested problems.



Exams: There will be two midterms and a final exam. All exams will be closed book/closed notes. Calculators are not allowed.  Students whose midterm scores add up to less 10 (10 out of 40) cannot take the final exam!


                                                         Midterm  1 :  21/3/2018  , at  18:00    


                                                         Midterm  2 :    2/5/2018  , at  18:00    



Make-up Exam:  You can take only one make-up exam if you miss one or two midterms and you have a proper excuse.  ( One-day medical excuses for simple cold, etc. are not accepted) . A proper medical excuse is a doctor’s report taken from one of the following: i) Our Infirmary (revir) [Reports from elsewhere in Istanbul are not accepted!] ii) A hospital outside Istanbul.  Non-medical excuses will be considered separately. If you miss the final exam, you must submit a petition to the University’s commission.


Laboratory: One laboratory session every week.


Grading: The weights that will determine the cumulative grade are as follows:




Midterm 1


Midterm 2







The final grades will be determined according to the distribution of cumulative grades.


Sections that will be covered (9th Edition)


Ch. 34:   Electromagnetic Waves

Ch. 35:   The nature of Light and  the Principles of Ray Optics

Ch. 37:   Wave Optics

Ch. 38:   Diffraction Patterns and Polarization

Ch. 39:   Relativity

Ch. 40:   Introduction to Quantum Physics

Ch. 41:   Quantum Mechanics ( Only Sections 1,2,3,7)

Ch. 42:   Atomic Physics

Ch. 43:   Molecules and Solids (Only Sections 1,2,3)

Suggested Textbook Problems


Ch.  34:    1,2,3,9,13,15,16,18,19,20,21,24,30,34,38,40,41,46,52,54,55,56,74,77

 Ch.  35:   8,9,11,13,22,26,27,32,35,39,40,44,45,49,57,71,84,85,86

 Ch.  37:   9,17,18,19,21,24,26,35,36,37,40,51,52,57,60,67,74

 Ch.  38:   7,10,31,34,50,51,57,60,63,65,66,71,73,78

 Ch.  39:   8,9,11,15,16,17,18,20,23,29,38,45,58,62,67,72,74,89

 Ch. 40:     7,8,11,14,15,17,18,21,25,29,31,33,43,45,48,50,55,57,59,68,74,75,76

 Ch. 41:    16,17,18,19,20,23,24,25,36,38,40,41,52,55

 Ch. 42:    1,2,9,12,18,19,26,27,28,34,42,72,73,77,85

  Ch. 43:    4,5,8,13,15,21,22,25