Lecture hours: Friday's 14:00-17:00: Two sessions with one break. Lectures start Sep 23 2016.

Place: Boğaziçi University, Room KB316, North Campus Kare Bina 3rd floor. It is the Barut Lecture Room.

Scope: This is a two semester long lecture series which aims to explore the structure of relativistic quantum field theories and to understand why they take the form they have. PHYS 665 and PHYS 666 graduate courses of Boğaziçi Physics Department is appended to it and there will be weekly homework assignments. Yet it is open to all interested graduate (and advanced undergraduate) students living in the İstanbul area, who would like to and can attend. Those attendees, if they want to, can also turn in the homework assignments. Note much prior knowledge is required other than basic undergraduate experience on special relativity and quantum mechanics. A prior knowledge of group theory is helpful but again not mandatory, a working knowledge of angular momentum algebra is enough.

Main lecture materials: Weinberg, The Quantum Theory of Fields Vols. 1, 2. Brown, Quantum Field Theory. Peskin and Schroeder, An Inroduction to Quantum Field Theory.