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What is Physics and Why are we learning it?

Why Study Physics?      İ.Semiz’s FAQ file about this

Ch.23 Electric Fields

Static charge demonstration
Classification of Problems            Key

Ch.24. Gauss’ Law

Classification of Problems            Key

Key to the classification of problems :

Trivial : If you can't do these, you are in trouble. Go study hard!
Practice : You may do these for practice; at least do the underlined ones.
Extension : These will extend your knowledge beyond what is given in the text or lecture.
Challenging : You may do these for challenge. Try especially the underlined ones.
Starred (*) : These are interesting.
In paranthesis: Do one of these (they are more or less equivalent), sometimes explicitly written.
Read (and understand) the "Pitfall Prevention"s in the margins of the book.
It is also a good idea to read the examples, since they are already solved...