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Fix-it-yourself / do-it-yourself

Science Fiction

Musings about SF
General musings... I read/watch SF very critically... The science vs. the fiction vs fantasy...
Authors and Books
Verne... Wells... Asimov... Clarke... Niven... Card... Sheffield... Auel... Crichton...
Heinlein... Herbert... Gibson...
Film and TV
2001: A Space Odessey...

Winners of various SF awards, including Hugos and Nebulas

from Jade Mountain


Some of my photographs:
Eastern part of the City of Giresun, seen from the fortress (Giresun)
Tirebolu Castle at night
Tirebolu Castle ....... (Tirebolu)
Belen Köyü Panorama ...... (Belen Köyü)
Taking a break from picking hazelnuts

Turkish Folk Music

Some online music from Turkish Music and Voice Library
"Unutulmayan Plaklar"

Turkish Folk Poetry

Sibel AdalI's Turkish Folk Poetry Pages



Jade Mountain : "Appropriate Technology"
Ecological Products, Alternative Energy: Micro-hydroelectrics, wind generators, inverters, alternative transportation, photovoltaics...

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