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a person curious about things ...
therefore a physicist.
At the moment, I am a professor at the

Physics Department of the Bogaziçi University in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Research and Publications
  • Relevant segments of my "worldline"
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Educational Activities
  • Courses I teach/taught
  • "Decline and Fall of Education"
  • Yeni Ünv. giri$ sistemi önerisi (In Turkish)

Other interests and more links
  • "Samarkand", "Bir bilim adamInIn romanI"...
  • My favorite books
  • SF
  • Photography
  • Other good websites

I wonder...

I use Macintosh.

Cloning: Polly, Dolly, etc... from the horse's mouth: The Roslin Institute

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To contact me, or report problems, use semizibr@boun.edu.tr